The Threat of a Boring Vice President

In an op-ed for the Boston Globe, former Republican Senator from New Hampshire John E. Sununu urged eventual GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney to choose a “dull” vice-president. It makes sense from an electoral angle. Making waves tends to offend people and that’s not a good way to win votes.

I agree with Senator Sununu. In addition to a having a last name that wouldn’t be out of place in a Dr. Seuss book, he has a point. Picking an experienced running mate is responsible from a governance standpoint and makes background checks all the easier. Al Gore or George H. W. Bush would have been competent taking over for the president had the worst happened.

That said, I really hope he doesn’t pick a boring VP. Elections are already pretty boring. No need to dull it up on purpose. And this election hasn’t been all that exciting. Some in the “elite media” are already talking about the 2016 election. Luckily Sarah Palin is on the case, agreeing with me as usual.

Plus, an interesting VP candidate makes my job easy. Personally, I’m rooting for Vice President Donald Trump. Why not? He’s super conservative, which would shore up Romney’s base and he has business experience, just like Romney. To top it off, he already has a catchphrase that fits in with Romney’s message. Ok, maybe “you’re fired” won’t win many people over when unemployment is as high as it is. But it would sell a heck of a lot of t-shirts. Sure, he probably wouldn’t make a great president if something awful were to happen to POTUS Romney, but he would be fun.

And frankly, it wouldn’t be fair if Mr. Mitt chose a boring Veep, considering that President Obama chose Joe Biden, coolest dude on this side of the Mason-Dixon line. Whether he’s letting us know how he really feels about health care reform or just singin’ a song, he keeps it fresh. Always gotta keep yer eye on ol’ Joe, you never know what he’s agonna do!


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