The Inevitability of Governor Romney’s Nomination

Congratulations Governor Romney! I don’t know if you heard, but you won primaries in Maryland, DC and Wisconsin yesterday!  You hadn’t heard? You thought the primaries were over? Well, thank God you read this blog. That could have been really embarrassing.

For everyone else, Mitt Romney won some more states yesterday. But I’m sorry to inform you, I really, really am, that the Republican Presidential primary is not over yet. Technically.

Before you vomit all over your screen or murder your TV for fear of accidentally catching a glimpse of a debate, I should let you know, this thing is over. Romney’s got it in the bag.

This shouldn’t be a huge surprise if you’d been paying attention (it’s ok if you haven’t, sometimes I wish I hadn’t). I made a bet with a friend in November that Romney would win it all. He picked Newt (HA). Romney’s had the money, the establishment and, perhaps most importantly in a Republican primary, the next-in-line status. And now he’s got an overwhelming lead in delegates and the next states to vote are in the Northeast, Romney’s wheelhouse.

Except Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania could be a problem. That’s where Rick Santorum is from. And he’s leading in the polls. And of all the states left to vote it has the fourth most delegates, so it’s hard to ignore. Oh and that delegate lead Romney has? Turns out he only has about 57% of the delegates he needs to wrap up the nomination. So, the second half just started.

Oh and after that? The general election. That primary election was just a preview election for this next election. Which, yes, will give me a ton of stuff to write about, but who’s going to read it if everyone has been bored to death?


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