The Potential for Backfire of Mr. Romney’s Campaign Strategy

Now that you’ve finished reading that incredibly long title, I think it’s time we begin discussing the general election. The general Presidential election. The one that comes after the primary.

Now that Mitt Romney has wrapped up the Republican nomination, he is concentrating on attacking President Obama. He’s recently criticized President for being out of touch and spending too much time at Harvard (oh snap!).

HOLD UP. Lets run this back one minute. Romney is calling out Obama for being out of touch. Even though he’s the guy who has an elevator for his cars. And the Harvard thing? Mittens Romulus has not one, not three, but TWO degrees from Harvard. Here’s a video of Al Sharpton exposing this hypocrisy. The reason he keeps referring to Romney as Willard is because that’s Mitt’s real first name and the  name Willard is way less cool than Mitt.

It seems like a risky move to attack someone in areas that you yourself are weak. The smart play here for el Presidente is probably to say something along the lines of, “Is he serious? He’s joking right? It’s the same… We both went… Car elevator.” And here’s a tip to anyone thinking about getting into politics: whenever your strategy can be effectively countered with two questions and three incomplete sentences, you need to rethink your strategy.


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