The Worst Gaffe of 2012

Soon-to-be GOP nominee Mitt Romney (end rhyme) was caught on tape doing the unthinkable. Something so vile, so disastrous, that I doubt his campaign will survive the week.

What did he do? He revealed details on his plans were he elected President. (Gasp!) He said he wouldn’t do it, but here it is.

Before I get into what he actually said, can I just ask how these guys running for office can think anything said in front of a crowd, even a super secret fundraiser crowd, is going to remain secret? Literally everyone in the room has a device in their pocket that can record video and instantly upload it to the Internet. I know you want to believe that these guys are on your team, but everybody wants to get a scoop sometimes.

The highlights of Mitt’s slip:

  • He plans on cutting tax deductions for second home mortgages and state income and property taxes to pay for an across the board 20% tax cut.
  • He wants to frame his campaign around jobs and kids. Real controversial Mittster. Really pushing the envelope with that one.
  • Finally, he wants to make Republicans an attractive choice for Hispanic voters. Knowing Republicans as well as I do, I assume Governor Rom-com will achieve this goal by offering a mix of tax cuts, tax credits and something slightly offensive/ridiculous to minorities.

There you have it folks. The first dip into the minutia of the Romney 2012 platform. Not much to it yet, but I’m sure after a few more big-money fundraisers we’ll get a bit more.


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